Monday, June 17, 2013

Do or Don't: Low beds (and a Brooklyn update)

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Since last summer, we've been trying our best to move from the West Village to Brooklyn, but the market is getting craaazy. There are so few Brooklyn apartments available that people are going nuts for them. (At a recent open house that our friends attended, 375 people had lined up around the block!) As you'd expect, prices have skyrocketed as a result. After much discussion, Alex and I have decided that we might stay in our tiny apartment for another year and see what happens after that.

Nevertheless, I can't stop daydreaming about creating a real, long-term home for our family. Right now, we feel a little bit in limbo, and it will be nice to be in a place where we can feel settled (and hopefully won't have as many mice).

One cool decorating idea that has caught my eye recently is having a low bed. Have you ever slept in one? The last time we rented an apartment on vacation, the bedroom had a low bed, and for some reason it was incredibly cozy and comfortable to be so close to the floor.

Here are 11 inspiration photos...
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