Monday, May 27, 2013

I LOVE _____

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Valentine's Day is just two weeks away, so let's talk about love. What are you loving these days? A person, a moment, a food...One of my lifelong loves is French bread (here's me proving it, as a two-year-old), especially with stinky cheese or warm Nutella. Also, did you know you’re always supposed to tear French bread, since it's actually considered odd to slice it?
Just in time for Valentine's Day, Coach has launched a new fragrance called Coach Love, which is a sensual woody floral. I really like feminine fragrances that aren't overwhelming, but instead are warm, sexy and understated. (Plus, the bottle would look beautiful on a bathroom shelf.)

Now think about what you love: Coach Love has created a fun Facebook app, where you reveal the funny little things you love, along with a photo. (I shared my French bread photo.) Post yours on Facebook, if you'd like...

(This post is sponsored by Coach Love, a truly beautiful fragrance. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make Cup of Jo possible)
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