Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gift Guide Part #6: Your Hilarious Dad Who Has a Nickname for Everyone and Dared to Bring Stinky Camembert on Family Road Trips.

9/10 3698

James Bond coffeetable book celebrating 50 years, $18.45. Also because everyone secretly thinks your dad's a spy.

James Bond model cars for his desk, $40.

Personal puzzle, $24.99. With a favorite family snapshot (say, of everyone at the beach, you dancing together at your wedding or a baby photo from years back...).

The complete first season of Homeland. He will flipping love it. $34.96.
Cashmere watch cap, since that's what all the cool guys are wearing. $68.

A genius food basket from New York Mouth. My favorites include The Total Jerk and Choc-lot Taster. $40 to $165.

A bottle of red wine with this tag (best read with an English accent). $4.50.

Lego Big Ben, $39.95. You're never too old for Legos, and this one is tough (with 346 tiny pieces).

Indestructible umbrella, $70. Instead of wimpy umbrellas that end up in the garbage, he can carry this aerodynamic umbrella with a patented Radial Tensioning System. Perfect for Michigan winters.
Silhouette mug featuring a personal photo, $50 for custom. (I'm thinking of using this shot:)

2013 calendar featuring two of his favorite things, $24. Update: These will be back in stock early next week. xoxo

P.S. More gifts for dads, and the 2012 gift guide so far...
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