Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gift Guide Part #1: Your Beautiful Mom Who Adopts Your Slang and Still Writes Handwritten Letters.

9/10 3698

Ticking apron for baking chocolate-chip cookies together, $27.

Finnish-style ornaments, $25. (This mobile, $67, is also beautiful.)

Monogrammed pajamas! Because how chic is that? $78.

Paper flowers to brighten up her desk all year long. $29 to $40.

A stack of your favorite 2012 cookbooks: Smitten Kitchen, What Katie Ate and Dinner: A Love Story. $20-ish each.

Freudian mug, because it all comes back to your mama, $16.

Gilded stationery, $20.

Wax seals for her most important notes, $16.

100% cotton robe to make her feel pretty every morning, $100.

Raspberry bush that grows in a container. (Perfect for even the tiniest patio!) $31.95.

Rodin perfume, an intoxicating mix of jasmine and neroni. For women, not girls. $220.

A calendar ($24.99) or notepad ($12.99) featuring her favorite little dude.
Sapphire earrings to match her eyes, $168.

Cheesecake!!! These lemon-ricotta beauties are delivered in Manhattan and Brooklyn, $55. (You can also order a classic New York cheesecake here.)

French locket to keep her loved ones close to her heart, where they belong. $90.

P.S. More gifts for moms.

(Raspberry bush via Abbey)
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