Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wedding Bells on Nirvana

9/10 3698
Heeeeeey did you see Nirvana on East Africa Television (EATV) 6th of September... we were there again talking about Weddings!!

Mama Wedding bells- Dada Doreen
 Our beautiful model Ritha
 Big brother Lotus- Nirvana presenter.... she also model our lovely dress that day!! 
 Masood- Wedding planner and caterer
......in the studio just before the show start.... 

.....after the show picture moments: Wedding bells/Doreen, Ritha, Masood, Lotus and Martha
Wedding Bells and the girls..... smileeeee you guys look fabulous..hawaruhusu kuingia na Camera studio....ila simu zimesaidia kupata few pictures to share with you....XO
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